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The Last Dance (Netflix, 2020)


The footage that exists of Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls, taken with full access during what would become their sixth championship season, had become a fable that hoop heads would ponder and whisper to each other about. It was as if someone had come forward and said that they had footage of Jesus during the final days of his life, but that they couldn't show it to anyone without Jesus's permission and that Jesus was being very stingy with his permission these past few thousand years.
And while Air Jesus had only been stingy with his permission since 1998, it felt like a thousand years for all of us faithful disciples.
According to director Jason Hehir, the greenlight came at the conclusion of the 2016 NBA Finals. That history making run wherein Lebron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers came back from a 3-1 deficit against the dynasty Golden State Warriors, a feat that had never been accomplished by any team before or since. Immediately following this historical acc…

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