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The Irishman (2019)

Your brothers and sisters

The Irishman is about Jimmy Hoffa and how and why he disappeared. It's about the Union. It's about the mob. It's about loyalty and betrayal and murder and extortion and corruption. But what it's really about, is death. The Irishman is a meditation on death. It's made up of characters who are either dying too young, or too old. And it's about the loneliness that comes with outliving all your friends, all your rivals.

Frank Sheeran, the real Frank Sheeran, the Irishman of the film's title, lived to the age of 83. That gave him plenty of time to think of all the people he righted and wronged, loved and lost, cared for, and killed.
The Irishman is Frank's story. In short (very short), it goes like this: Frank was a truck driver who befriended a mobster, who became a Teamster who befriended THE Teamster, Jimmy Hoffa. Hoffa disappeared in 1975 and was never heard from again.
That's a cool story, but the thing that makes this movie su…

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