Poster of the week: Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter

I never read the book this amazingly titled movie is based on, but it sounds like a good time. I also never got around to seeing director Timur Bekmambetov's Night Watch/Day Watch films, but I hear they are good. I did, unfortunately, see his Jolie actioner Wanted, which was a waste of time and money, so who knows how this movie will end up turning out. What I can say is that the poster for this film is more than enough for me to get in line when the flick comes out and give it a chance and a ten dollar bill (and a toonie, and a couple quarters). 
A Lincolnesque figure seated upon an old victorian chair with an axe in hand in the middle of a creepy wooded area, moon and fog throwing down some extra ambiance. Oh yeah, I'm seeing this. If I end up enjoying the film, this poster will adorn a wall of my house soon after. Ah hell, it might adorn a wall of my house even if I don't like the movie. 


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