The Greatest Movie Trailers of All Time: The Dark Knight

Back before Bane and Catwoman and the tragic passing of Heath Ledger, the second theatrical trailer for The Dark Knight popped into cinemas. 
I still clearly remember seeing this trailer at the theatre a number of times and being so blown away by it, it brought tears to my eyes. I'm not kidding. This trailer is a barrage of adrenaline spiking clips and dialogue quips. It really is a masterpiece of the art of the trailer.

The crown jewel of this trailer is of course Ledger. His frightening and demented cackles, his crudely constructed makeup, his scars, his voice. It's one of the greatest performances in movie history and this trailer highlights it perfectly. 
We're also introduced to a new, amazing looking Bat-Bike and some insane special effects like a hospital blowing up and a tractor-trailer flipping end over end (both effects that were achieved organically. No CGI). 
This trailer is still masterpiece and I can't watch it without feeling that adrenaline spike and wanting to pop in the movie right now. You can't ask any more of a film's marketing team than that.


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